On Site Drug Testing Kits With Instant Results!
Kits On Site –> Overnight!

TestExpress On Site Drug Testing Kits are:

  • FDA 510k Clearance Approved
  • 100% Laboratory Accurate
  • Fully Patented with U.S. Patent
  • Do-It-Yourself! Save Time and Money!

Recommended for:

  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Temporary Employee Screening
  • Reasonable Cause Screening
  • Security Screening
  • Random Testing
  • Post Accident Testing
  • Pre-Counseling Sessions
  • Remote Site Testing/Rural Locations

At last … User Friendly On Site Drug Screening
With Instant Results!

Screening for drugs in the workplace to prevent employee substance abuse and re-enforce your Substance Abuse Policy, to ensure you maintain a Drug Free Environment, is now easy and convenient using the TestExpress On Site Drug Testing Kits.

You save money otherwise wasted on collection costs, and transportation costs to and from the lab, and save yourself the time and trouble of transporting people or specimens back and forth to the lab.

The HR Manager has the opportunity to utilize the advance of the exact same test-methodology that labs use, right at their Office Location, and usually with no mess, and no fuss, all with instant results in 2-3 minutes flat!

The consequence is thus, the employee gets to stay at the job location, the drug test is performed on-site, and results are shown immediately usually within 2-3 minutes, and no longer than 8-minutes. This gives both the employer, and the applicant employee immediate decision-making in that person’s employment at the same time of application.